Hello my fellow Mortals!

I’ve struggled with the decision to make this blog for months now. Mainly because I felt pen to paper to be more of an impact to me. A lost art form, I feel in this information age we now live in, where everyone lives their lives publicly.

I devoted the last 10 years of my life to writing poetry, even though I have dabbled in other forms of writing. Only sharing it with the people I care most about in this world. It was a way to me, for me, when all other forms of self reflection failed.

My main..mandate I guess, to describe the purpose of my writing is “I want to rip out your still heart and make it beat in my hand”. That has always been the way I wrote my poetry and still is. From my experiences in life; family, friends, travelling across the world and from lovers…I noticed people don’t feel anymore, don’t understand or appreciate the life they have around them. That’s something I’ve dealt with for a long time as well, and continuously do. It’s a constant battle that I now hope to share with you. My own challenges and hopefully help with yours. That is my poetry. A way into me, and hopefully a way into you.

Alright…now that I’ve got that out of the way. Enjoy the site! Let us laugh, cry, get angry, yell, love, question and maybe share a thought or two.