Eternal Gaze

Laying your hands on my chest they turned to mist,
so gentle as I long for your kiss.

We stared as you gently turned into transparent air,
looking into each others eyes,
whispering.."this isn't fair".

Tainted is my heart that devours those willing
to go near,
in this I witness true fear.

Original Draft

Regretful Redemptions

I have loved without lust,
once, long ago,
never without cause, 
never without a show.

Snow falls,
as the leaves do dash,
a witless shudder of a tree moving into the past.

Stand still as my heart lay so coarse,
it began to pound fiercely as it felt
its first sign iof remorse.

Drip, drop the rippling tides of a tomorrow
forgotten too fast,
hold strong as the waves begin to crash,
for if not, life starts to stall,
love foolishly or not at all.

Original Draft


Wrapped in a tomb of your own emotion,
scratching to get out but you lack the devotion,
while all those around wonder what's all the commotion.

Yearning for freedom down to your very bones,
why then can't you let go of all that has left you empty 
down to your very soul?

This tomb has become the ultimate desire,
to live in a dark world where you are nothing 
but a liar.

You can lie to yourself and the ones you love
and the only truth is what you deny you've become.

Original Draft


Something or Other

So simple these paths we seem to lead,
not knowing what we can only see.
Draw lines in the sand so it's our only way to feel,
can't realize what inspiration can really do to heal.

Rhyme and rhyme from left to right,
and you will finally know what is really like to fight.
You struggle and rip until you can find the right
words to fit,
to be forever naive is an elixir I would gladly sip.

It is sad to see that we can't find the prosperity to 
match our shifting reality,
but to me it is what I will proudly be,
a ravaged wave gradually fading into the sea.