The Tree and The Seed

The Seed was a lonely one,
yes, in deed,
he came from high above,
a place where he could no longer see.
He thought long and hard about how he came to be,
with no answer,
not yet to bee seen.

How am I?
The Seed maintained his question,
that I, a wonderful Seed,
have come to be this beautiful manifestation?

He thought longer and harder…
and he began to wonder,
am I a true beauty or just another Seed just like any other?
A revelation struck him at this looming thought,
am I the only Seed? Do I even have a mother?

Lost in the towering grass,
he began his gaze,
amongst the foreshadowing trees,
that have now struck him with there shinny rays.

The rays, he thought,
how could they be?
For they shined from high above,
much higher than the trees.

A pounding voice came to him,
whilst lost in contemplation,
“It’s the sun you see in this magnificent sea of green.”

The lonesome Seed froze,
who could that have been?
There is nothing but I in this field of green.

He repeated,
how did it come,
for I, to know this verse?

“It was I, my young,
the one you have long searched.”
“And I have come with the answer,
to your perplexing questions,
this may be difficult,
so I hope you pay attention”.

“But how…or who I mean?”
The Seed exclaimed,
“That you are here,
Away from once thoughts of just me?”

The Seed, continued being alert,
“Answer me, please!
This curse of loneliness hurts!”

“Now, now my love,
I know it may hurt,”
The Tree went on.
“But look at me and see,
it is I,
The Tree,
dangling amongst all you deem obscene.”

“Take a look.”
The Tree explained,
“That I am not your sister or brother,
I am from here and now, your eternal Mother.

“Now, forgive my absence,
I know it has left you frantic
but listen to my story,
you may find it somewhat fantastic.

“The riddle you’ve found,
of the life you’ve lived,
is the secret answer,
to the life you must continue to give.

“The rays you have previously spoken,
is the conundrum,
now solved.
The sun it is called,
and life, it brings us all.
For without it, I would not exist,
and my branch’s wouldn’t have seen you fall.”

The Seed excited,
“So, the one does not exist without the other,
where is it the sun come from then I wonder!?”

“That is the question I’ve chosen not to ask,”
The Tree explained,
“For without it, I’m without you,
and that would make a life much too crass.

“I’ve learned to accept the Earth as is,
try not to over think as you grow to create your own cover,
because everything will make sense as long as we have each other.”

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