Shredded Confessions

Lavishly ravish me,
reaching into my gaping chest cavity,
she gripped my spine and ripped
the other side out of me so casually.
This is the depth in which my love has crept,
not she for me,
but where my heart has teased.
I've given her the lock,
the key,
not these,
I've given her worse,
the dagger to dig,
and drag me to my knees.
She is the sun,
and I am on the rise,
but first,
I must give unconditionally,
to be once again be considered alive.

Original Draft


A Night Almost Lost

Watching the world stand still as my body twists and deforms,
the heart of hell is what I seemed to have absorbed.
Shuttering and convulsing, my mind reaps with no end,
waiting for a savior to finally descend.
But as I lay here in the muck of my own existence,
I reached a thought that is much too consistent.
I am the abnormal,
in this new world order,
and if I am to survive to remain alive,
I must keep moving and soldier,
because if not I am doomed to a life of pure loiter.

Original draft