Welcome to the grave,
this magnificent case,
of everything slightly insane…
fate is the journey we take,
one we undergo before our eventual decay.

A predetermined quest,
in this life of scurrying conquest.

Or is fate the question we all must answer,
but must choose wisely?

for is not…
we risk living a life of eternal consequence…

Original Draft


Wake up!!!

Work, eat, sleep, repeat,
work, eat, sleep, repeat,
this is the formula to your impending defeat.

It’s no grand mystery to this lifelong servitude,
we are bred into believing this is all we must do,
to skim across time as this must be our only attitude.

Fuck this mass production of a deepening narcosis,
leaving each other at arms length is a state of residual hypnosis,
shock your mind into becoming an individual,
connected we must become against these waves of the tyrannical

Original Draft


Oh God!
I love you so,
pin me to the sky and watch me glow,
I will replace the sun and stars,
my love will fill every planets reservoir.
You are the moon that lights my sky at night,
you are the wings in which my soul takes flight,
yours is glance I want with my morning sight,
you are the one I wish to eternally fight.
Bloody, broken and bruised,
this is the state,
I will always take,
as long as I can call you my muse.


Time froze,
senses dulled as it began to erode,
deeper into the void I tumbled,
falling into a mind that was far more troubled.
Moments of abyss,
strengthen what previously did not exist,
lucidity kept what was left unsaid,
but now turn my words into solid lead.
Shards of this malevolence,
came with regretful consequence,
succumbing to pride,
forcing me to lose the one I called my bride


Our eyes meet,
all longing disappears,
this new sensation,
is certainly not fear.
My body vibrates,
as our gaze holds,
what have you done?
what will this unfold?
The world begins to shatter and break,
but our admiration does not shake,
we join hands as our breathing gets deeper,
revelling in the moments where our love becomes steeper.