Shackled and chained…
here we remain,
down in the dirt…
the state of now – unable to subvert.
Sight – to see,
blind to what’s free,
our conscience thought,
contorted by what we were taught.
This is not truth,
look passed the noise,
find your passion,
and a false self – you’ll avoid


Pretty Things


Beautiful things are to be admired…
man – with his beautiful face…
woman – with her pretty lips & steady brow…

The difference between the two being…
a woman loves with her ears,
make her laugh and you’ll strip away her fears…
a man loves with his eyes,
everything inevitably comes down to size…

but be patient – the gentleman comes – with time

Im so fucking sorry

Struggling with the hate you now feel,
my mind weeps – while my body can no longer conceal…
the emotions felt and tears shared,
And all I wanted was to show you the I still cared.
If you only knew the pain at my disposal,
to turn my once thought proposal,
into a deserted land of a life once so hopeful.
The comfort of time is no promising thought,
turning from our years so lovingly fought,
into a present –  I wish I could gouge my heart out and be left to rot