I saw you across the hall,
it took me by shock,
I thought I would fall.
You couldn't be real,
it fooled us all.

Your beauty was such a surprise,
I thought it would bring about my demise.
Your lips, your face, your remarkable grace,
are all that went through my mind.

You were a delicate rose, so beautiful and pure,
anything but unique seemed truly absurd,
so much more to you you we are forced to learn.

You're always happy as if high in the skies,
I wonder how much more mystery lie beneath
those kind brown eyes.

Original Draft

Divine Healer

Before I met you there was a hole in my heart
that would not heal,
know matter what I tried,
it would not fill.

I walked on trying to find something to save
my time,
looking for something so divine.

It was then you came across my path with no
intention to last,
but little did I know you filled my
gaping hole without the intent to do so.

The last piece of my heart was finally put 
in place by the girl with the prettiest face.

Now my heart is completed
I give it to you,
here to hold until the day we say,
for sickness and in health,
till death to us part unfolds.

divine healerOriginal Draft

Sands of Time

If you take my hand, I'll take you to a land that
you can't yet understand,
I can show you that our young love can with stand
these tides of sand.

I will hold you close,
I will hold you tight,
through the sands as we fight with 
our incredible might.

We will show the experienced that our time has come
and that it is impossible to be too young and

as we continue to fight and prove all the rest
were wrong,
I will give you my love till my judgement day come.

sands of time
Original Draft

Beautiful Heartache


Original draft

The days we spent together,
there was absolutely nothing better,
nothing cuter and more beautiful than you...

I guess that was our cue for being fooled.

The feelings we felt and the love we shared,
was no match for the diversity still held.

We couldn't let go of something so strong,
but we caught ourselves ripping away all the pieces we held for so long.