There is no topic on hand,
because I see there if no structure looking at sand.
Now that may seem like a philosophical stance
but stop, listen, comprehend and give me a chance.

We stroll through life, 
it seems with the cruelest of intentions,
to meet our own ends and divide them into opposing sections.

We rape, murder, kill and steal,
keep in mind also,
we love, search, inspire and feel.
Human nature at its finest
and all I can say is kill em with kindness.

I live my life on a positive notion,
to forgive those causing all the commotion.

You can't categorize those into good, those into evil,
things truly can't be that simple.
Us creations are a product of pure chaos,
going back to time before time,
not just when we created the cross.

The mind is to be admired in either category,
it reminds us of humanity's glory.

My ability to be capable of anything
is truly no delusion,
only those scared of its potential,
are in danger of its confusion.

In conclusion, I lay my hope on both the good
and the evil...within shattered thoughts,
because without both,
we have no need for fixed dreams to be caught.


Selfish Truth

Crimson stone laid beneath a pile of gold,
sad to see that we measure wealth as something
stocked piled and sold.

Wealth is of the heart and of the mind,
the heart being a tool that has been fabricated over time.

It is the honest, the truth, the families, the youth
that has been dumbed-down to pay homage to the few.

Relinquish your chains in pursuit of a permanent change,
fight for the beauty of life,
to be the only one on your life's stage.

This crimson stone laid stronghold of your soul,
give in to yourself,
the one thing that can never be sold


Original draft