Optical Paradoxical

Locked in a two way siege heading toward 
an optical illusion,
is this the way toward truth
or is that the way toward another confusion?

My mind turned to the sky looking
for the answers,
not realizing my head was moving on a swivel,

but little did I know,
all of this was just another riddle.

Original Draft



Reach into the deepest void in your mind,
nothing can prepare you for the journey 
which unfolds.
A bright light lay forth tugging at your
precepted senses,
but allow yourself to gradually slip 
into a state of non-convention. 

Gone is the trivial and replaced by the simple,
of who we are, 
not what the social brings but what has now 
started as a ripple. 

Noise is a background to which we now inspire,
to reach lower,
somehow allowing us to ascend higher.

Our minds are a battleground for which we deem necessary,
a singular thought drives us to this state,
only through self reflection can bring us
to our most beautiful fate.

Original Draft