A Night Almost Lost

Watching the world stand still as my body twists and deforms,
the heart of hell is what I seemed to have absorbed.
Shuttering and convulsing, my mind reaps with no end,
waiting for a savior to finally descend.
But as I lay here in the muck of my own existence,
I reached a thought that is much too consistent.
I am the abnormal,
in this new world order,
and if I am to survive to remain alive,
I must keep moving and soldier,
because if not I am doomed to a life of pure loiter.

Original draft


Eternal Gaze

Laying your hands on my chest they turned to mist,
so gentle as I long for your kiss.

We stared as you gently turned into transparent air,
looking into each others eyes,
whispering.."this isn't fair".

Tainted is my heart that devours those willing
to go near,
in this I witness true fear.

Original Draft

Beautiful Heartache


Original draft

The days we spent together,
there was absolutely nothing better,
nothing cuter and more beautiful than you...

I guess that was our cue for being fooled.

The feelings we felt and the love we shared,
was no match for the diversity still held.

We couldn't let go of something so strong,
but we caught ourselves ripping away all the pieces we held for so long.