Wondering down a forgotten path…
I stumbled upon the perfect moment,
I told the universe I just wanted to hold it,
but I reached down to seize – then stole it.
Taking it with me everywhere I went,
these are the times where I always spent,
this moment, I loved…
took it to be silly,
held it in my arms and called it my daisy…
my little lily.
Together, we forgot the world,
as we laid at night, while everything around us twirled,
the universe caught up with us as we jetted through our love,
told us we now had to part, for our love would block out the sun



I watch my voice as it becomes increasingly loud,
I feel my face as I smash it into sound,
I scream and claw with this tongue, hoping to be profound,
but all I have left is the broken promise I once gave you, with a vow.
Pray you never feel the longing of your lover’s voice,
the hurt it caused by your disastrous choice,
I was her church,
she, my steeple,
now all we have left is the power of my egotistical evil.
Our torn down monument,
on top of our shattered hymns,
what it was – I wish – is what I could give,
but this is not the fairy tales from my childhood stories,
these are the mistakes that lead me into an everlasting purgatory

From The Ashes

Mist gathers and is mystically displaced…
amongst trees refusing to be cut down and erased,
moving as silently as the devil,
drowning all in its path – building its hell on an earthly level.
All around me it consumes,
choking with poisonous fumes,
to my knees I fall – accepting this doom,
I burn to ash but in surprise – like a phoenix – new I bloom.
Read between the lines…
and you will find…
the strength inclined…
turning failures into success – in time

Sleeping Giant

A forgotten self,
the beating heart of today’s commonwealth,
swipe or tap,
doesn’t matter as long you’re relevantly intact.
Swollen soul,
thinking you’re irrevocably in control,
but little did we know,
we’re being cataloged and sold.
Eyes wide,
pupils dilating in size,
incapable of witnessing our mind’s demise,
we cry in sleep – while they laugh at our compromise.

Poetry is…

What is…
but a rhythmic persistence,
of something magnificent.
There is no written scripture,
in which to make this pursuit simpler,
emotion is the key to unlock beauty much richer.
By simply taking a breath,
this constant pursuit to avoid death,
we create the art,
that all our hearts search without rest.
It is that beauty,
I allow…
to always rule me,
to keep in line,
these words of mine,
to give reason why the sun will always shine.

The Man and The Room

There was a man,
there was a room,
one was mad,
the other plagued as a fool.

The room was dark and damp,
enough height to create a stance,
enough room to even break out in to a dance.

The man thought,
One would look silly,
the idea was absurd,
the idea was a joke, really.

How could I bring myself to such a vulnerable position?
When all those around would truly laugh in sedition...

Keeping and standing,
That’s what I’ll do,
nothing unexpected,
in this darkening room.

A thought creeped across his mind,
as he began to take notice,
of the room all around him,
with its crippling coldness.

The coldness of this room,
is not of the shivering kind,
but of the loneliness that comes,
when there is no one there to meet your eyes.

A yearning came to him,
as if at long last,
he craved people,
and wondered why this room he has been stashed.

This room was a world of self-preservation,
a four walled cage,
which became his deepening inclination.

Now lost in a world,
plagued since youth,
each wall represented a disturbing truth.

One was greed,
holding so close,
turning himself into a fiend.

The second was to be embarrassed,
not allowing anything spontaneous,
so he taught himself to not be too careless.

The third, was lack of the curious,
without creating any turbulence,
accepting what he was told,
and never questioning the fold.

The last was fear,
never allowing himself to go near.
By no coincidence this is where the door lay,
the escape from this cold, dark place,
the very end from where he stayed in disgrace.

While taking a risk,
he finally made a fist,
and while screaming aloud he said this,
“I will no longer be the fool,
in this self induced madness,
its time to end my never ending sadness!”

With heart on sleeve,
and stomach in throat,
he finally began to tear down these walls
that all his life,
left him suffocated and choked.