I, the…

“R”eflected, differential of an
“I”llusion, amongst ravenous conclusions, but also a
“G”luttonous transfusion,
“H”ysterically mistaken as a
“T”reacherous revolution, while maintaining an
“E”lusive evolution, of an
“O”minous mental fusion,
“U”ndertaken by, I, the most obvious

Original Draft


Shredded Confessions

Lavishly ravish me,
reaching into my gaping chest cavity,
she gripped my spine and ripped
the other side out of me so casually.
This is the depth in which my love has crept,
not she for me,
but where my heart has teased.
I've given her the lock,
the key,
not these,
I've given her worse,
the dagger to dig,
and drag me to my knees.
She is the sun,
and I am on the rise,
but first,
I must give unconditionally,
to be once again be considered alive.

Original Draft

Something or Other

So simple these paths we seem to lead,
not knowing what we can only see.
Draw lines in the sand so it's our only way to feel,
can't realize what inspiration can really do to heal.

Rhyme and rhyme from left to right,
and you will finally know what is really like to fight.
You struggle and rip until you can find the right
words to fit,
to be forever naive is an elixir I would gladly sip.

It is sad to see that we can't find the prosperity to 
match our shifting reality,
but to me it is what I will proudly be,
a ravaged wave gradually fading into the sea.

A Letter to my Lover

I allowed you into my life without a moments hesitation,
some said that it happened to soon but as I took a second glance at you,
I knew if I didn’t take the leap I would be left a fool.

Life has plagued me with a past of bitter resolutions,
allowing myself to love so hard,
that had failed me and left me falling way way too far.

From there I left my heart in a box of restraints,
still able to feel but unable to remove this emotional shield.

I found you so effortlessly,
It was as if life has finally lifted this curse of love loss,
to a love at all costs.

But as love goes,
it isn’t as easy as the movies make it all seem.
The love I felt is no match for the love I now feel,
I must work hard to take care of the one that makes life feel so damn real.

I took for granted my curse that was lifted,
not noticing my mentality had not yet shifted,
still concealing my emotions for preparation of an impending devastation.

This devastation has not yet come and now see that this true love waysomething I must not prepare to run,
but something I must seize and cherish,
much like the morning sun,
keeping me captivated and breathless.

It has been so hard to realize that someone has loved me the way that you do,
now i see the error of my ways,
helping me see that I must become someone new with you.

I love you, Emma